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Classify the following phase changes by the signs of the systems entropy and enthalpy for the system?

solid to gas

solid to liquid

liquid to gas

liquid to solid

gas to solid

gas to liquid

I predict the entropy and enthalpy for solid to gas are both positive and both negative from liquid to solid.

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Take each case individually. A phase change from solid to gas requires heat. This is an endothermic reaction, and the enthalpy is considered positive. As for entropy, going from solid (a highly organized state) to liquid (a relative disorganized state) causes an increase in the overall entropy. This would also be considered positive. Using the same logic throughout, the answer will be:

state to state- (enthalpy.entropy)

solid to gas- (+,+)

solid to liquid- (+,+)

liquid to gas- (+,+)

liquid to solid- (-,-)

gas to solid- (-,-)

gas to liquid- (-,-)

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