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Since a mother had four sons, North, West and South, the fourth son had a name.

You should carefully examine the content of the riddle. The second sentence is a statement, as there is no question mark. And from this sentence we learn that the name of the fourth son is What.

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Since a mother had four sons, North, West and South, the fourth son had a name.

The correct answer is "someone". The question is a simple mathematical puzzle called "sequences". Therefore, he calls for carelessness in the use of logic as required by English.

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If we go through logic, logic can name the East as the fourth son. To clarify the matter, the basic knowledge of the layout of a layout should be highlighted with a simple example.

Although this sequence is a compilation of objects that allow the repetition of numbers, questions like puzzles in the form of implications are always in sequence.

Example: A man has been sentenced to death. It has three choices in three bedrooms. There was a fire in the first room. In the other room were five high-pump rifle killers. In the third room were lions that had not been fed for 5 years. Which part is safe for humans?

Answer: The third room is safe because the lions have not been fed for 5 years, which shows that they are dead.

This is the best answer for someone's mother has four sons?

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