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What are the merits and demerits of the Green Revolution ?

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 Green Revolution introduces a number of modern farming methods in India.

(i) Higher yield due to the use of HYV seeds.

(ii) Machines like harvesters, tractors and threshers have made ploughing and harvesting faster and easier.

(iii) Higher yield enabled farmers to sell the surplus food in the market and earn more.

(iv) Pesticides and insecticides are able to protect the crops from pests and insects.

 (v) A good irrigation system is able to enhance crop production.

Demerits of the Green Revolution

(i) Loss of soil fertility due to increased use of chemical fertilisers.

(ii) Continuous use of groundwater for tubewell irrigation has reduced the water table below the ground.

 (iii) The chemical fertilisers, easily soluble in water, can dissolve in the groundwater and pollute it.

 (iv) They can kill bacteria and other micro-organisms helpful for the soil.

(v) Excessive use of fertilisers can also make the soil alkaline and unfit for cultivation.

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