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Is chcl3 polar or nonpolar

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In CHCl3, the molecular shape is tetrahedral, meaning that the H and the three Cl atoms will occupy the vertices of a triangular based pyramid around the central C atom.

All of these bonds are polar (C-H only very slightly so).

So let's imagine that the 3 Cl atoms occupy the 3 vertices at the base of the pyramid, while the H atom occupies the vertex at the top of the pyramid.

The C-H bond would see the electron density shift slightly towards the C atom in the center of the molecule (C has higher electronegativity than H).

The three C-Cl bonds would see electron density shift away from the C atom towards the Cl atoms around the base of the pyramid (Cl has higher electronegativity than C).

The result would see a net shift in electron density towards the base of the tetrahedron (Cl atoms) resulting in a partial - charge on that side of the molecule and a partial + charge on the top of the tetrahedron (H atom). Therefore, the molecule is polar.

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