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the sacral part of the parasympathetic outflow innervates

The sacral parasympathetic outflow consists of preganglionic axons from the ___ ____ of the second through fourth ____ spinal nerves. As the preganglionic axons course through the ___ ____ ___, they branch off these nerves to form ___ ___ nerves. ___ ___ nerves synapse with parasympathetic postganglionic neurons located in ___ ___ in the walls of the innervated viscera. From the ___ ___, parasympathetic postganglionic axons innervate ____ ____ and glands in the walls of the ____, ___, ____, ____ ___, and ___ ___.

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anterior roots, sacral, sacral spinal nerves, pelvic splanchnic, Pelvic splanchnic, terminal ganglia, terminal ganglia, smooth muscle, colon, ureters, urinary bladder, reproductive organs.
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