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The measure of intelligence is the ability to change,essay in 500 words​

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The best answer for to measure of intelligence is the ability of change.

The measure of intelligence is the ability of change' the most famous quote given by Albert Einstein. Intelligence can't be measure by any device like thermometer. God has given brain to every human being. Change is a great quality. If you can adapt, you can achieve anything. All great people who achieved phenomenal success had this quality. In their pursuit of their goals when they failed repeatedly, they changed their strategies and course to accomplish their goals and finally succeeded.  

The meaning of ' The measure of intelligence is the ability of change' is that if we are not bringing change or not growing mentally then we are not being intelligence or not increasing our intelligence level. Even in the evolutionary process only those animals survived that were quick to adapt; big animals such as dinosaurs under whose thuds shook the earth were wiped out. On the contrary small animals like platypuses, cockroaches, bees, turtles, etc. could survive because they adapted to the changes.  

Adapting and changing yourself according to the situation is a great quality. It is really important to change yourself if you want to be successful. Of course, intelligence helps us, but change is necessary to bring a remarkable changing in one's life.

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