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When reading, what should you look for first?
A. The answers to the teacher’s questions
B. The answers to the study guide’s questions
C. The answers to your own questions
D. The answer’s to the chapter’s questions

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The best answer for When reading, what should you look for first?

The correct option is C.

When it comes to reading and comprehending passages, the best method to use to achieve excellent results is SQ3R; this is an abbreviation for Survey, Question, Read, Recite and Review. Surveying has to do with taking in the title of the passage, the heading, subheadings, the pictures and visuals used, the guide questions, introductory and the conclusion parts, etc. While surveying, you must ask your own questions concerning the reading passage. When you actually start reading the passage, your personal questions are the ones you must find answer to first. This will increase your understanding of the passage.

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